Are all Air Purifiers alike?

No. There are several different types of air purifiers on the market for consumers. Most "Purifiers" are just filtering systems. They only filter the air that reaches the filter. This type of purifier is considered a passive system.

Another type of purifier is a UV (Ultra Violet) light system with a Target Plate. This type of system is an Active system, producing technology that goes into your environment and destroys microbes (Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, Odors, and Chemical gasses) on surfaces and in the air.

Here is an example of Active and Passive Technologies.

If you want to catch a mouse, you can set a trap. (Passive Technology)

If you want to catch a mouse with Active technology, (Get a Cat).

How do the MCI™ Products compare to Air Purifiers in stores such as Home Depot and Lowes?

They don't. Most "Air Purifiers on the market are Just Filters. Our products go to the source of the problem and neutralize contaminants on surfaces and in the air. Additionally, MCI™ Technology eliminates odors and reduces VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are in the air from Cleaning products, Cooking, Smoking, Furniture, and most sources that offgas. MCI™ Technology takes the "Solution to the Pollution". Filters can only filter, what reaches the filter.

What is MCI™ Technology?

The trademarked MCI (Multi-Cluster Ionization)™ Technology, using an enhanced ionization output, represents the newest generation of proactive air purification, is completely safe (unlike high levels of ozone) and effectively destroys mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the odors associated with them in the air and on surfaces.

Are the BLS12K and MCI22K large units?

These units are small in size. They are both less than 8"x8"x8". Small enough to fit on a shelf, counter, bookcase, or night table.

Does size Matter?

Most Air Purifiers sold in stores are fairly large. (Ugly Furniture) They need to be to accommodate their large filters needed for filtering the air. MCI™ Products are Tiny yet Mighty. The BLS12K and the MCI22K are only a 7 inch cube. But, don't let their small size fool you. The BLS12K will cover up to 1500 sq/ft. while the MCI22K can cover up to 2700 sq/ft. Small enough to sit on a shelf or bookcase, and powerful enough to sanitize a 2 bedroom apartment, and average size Office, or a large basement of a multi-story home.

IS MCI™ Technology safe for my pets?

Yes. MCI™ Technology is lethal to microscopic organisms such as mold, bacteria, and viruses, but is safe for people and pets. The only thing it will do for you and your pets, is provide a healthier indoor environment without the use of chemicals or filters.

How long will it take for MCI™ technology to improve my indoor air quality?

In an average home up to 1500 square feet, you will see an improvement within 24 to 48 hours. Many customers report a noticeable change in the indoor environment in as little as a few hours. Larger homes with multiple levels, more than one HVAC systems, or other unique layouts or environmental problems such as flooded areas may need additional units for adequate coverage.
NOTE: The technology requirements for a home of 1500 sq/ft is considerably different than a 10,000 sq/ft home.
Additionally, air purification or filtering is not a substitution for Mold or water remediation if needed.

What purifier should I get for my home?

Each indoor environment is different and may have unique requirements based on the size, number of occupants, lifestyle issues such as smoking indoors, pets, new furniture and many other things that can have an affect on your indoor air quality.
Here are a few things to consider:

What is the size of your home, apartment, or office?

The BLS12K will cover up to 1500 sq/ft with an 8 foot ceiling.

The MCI22K will cover up to 2750 sq/ft with an 8 foot ceiling.

One unit per level and or HVAC zone is recommended.

Pet or high traffic areas could use their own unit or a small unit such as a pureAir50 for targeted purification and odor control.
The main thing to keep in mind is starting with just a single unit will provide an improvement in your indoor air quality. You could allways add an additional unit as conditions or requirements change. Improving your indoor air quality can and should be incremental.

Will Surface and Air Purifiers Stop the Flu?

Surface and Air Purifiers Help Sanitize Your Indoor Environment. Washing your hands is still a recommended way to help stop the spread of viruses and colds from contaminated surfaces you may touch. Surface and Air Purifiers continuously help sanitize the same surfaces that you touch, 24/7. Use Coupon Code "FLU18" for a 10% Discount on your Purchases. This is a limited Time Discount.

Does MCI Technology produce Ozone?

The MCI (Multi-Cluster Ionization)™ trademark covers a wide array of equipment which incorporates a variety of components depending on the specific application for which the equipment was made. In some cases ozone producing lamps are utilized (for unoccupied space) but most technologies use virtually no ozone to produce the kill mechanism associated with the trademark.

Is a payment plan available to purchase products?

www.CleanAir.Store now offers installment payments on some items as an option. Additionally, during the checkout process PayPal Credit is available to qualified customers with 6 months no interest or payments.

Do the Purifiers use a lot of energy to work?

No. Two of the largest units (BLS12K and MCI22K) are 12 volt low power units. They plug into a normal wall outlet, but then convert the power to low voltage.

Can I get an extended warranty for my product?

On some products there is an option for an Enhanced 3 year warranty. You can add it to the product at the time you order the product.

If you have placed your order without the Enhanced Warranty option or have a unit from a previous purchase you want to add a warranty to, please go to www.BLSWarranty.com/02089 .

Is there a return policy?

Our Systems are for “People Who Like to Breathe”. We are so confident in our Technology that we will give you a 30-day (From date of purchase) money back guarantee if you do not see an improvement within the 30-day period. (Most people see a change in the Indoor Environment in 24-48 hours). On the very slim chance that you are not satisfied with the System, just return it in the original box for a full refund. You would just pay the return shipping. Don’t worry, you won’t want to return it.

If we have made an error in shipping, or sent you the wrong product, we will gladly correct that issue at no cost to you. Some of our products come with warranties and some do not. Contact us immediately at 855.660.4400 to initiate the returns process or to discuss any issues with your products.

All other returns will be handled on a case by case basis. We will accept most products back within 30 days of purchase if they are in good condition with original packing.

PayPal has a special shipping return program that may cover most or all of your return shipping costs. See the following link for details. https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/returns . Items that will not be accepted for returns or full refunds include, but are not limited to:

Used chemical product

Used sampling media

Used diagnostic sampling equipment

Products outside of the 30 day return date policy.

Can I get more information about Indoor Air Quality?

Three major factors for improving indoor air quality are:

Surface and Air Purification


Lifestyle Changes.

Surface and Air Purification

Active Purification Technologies provide ongoing sanitization of your Air and Surfaces. This reduces contamination loads and improves the overall indoor environment. It also removes odors that linger in the air and on surfaces.


Filters are an important part of Your Indoor Air Quality. Removing particulate from the air will help improve the environmental conditions.

Lifestyle Changes

This is often the hardest thing to change. Our habits and lifestyles create many of the problems with our indoor air quality. The following is a short list of common problems:

Smoking indoors

Using "Plugins" to mask odors. This adds chemicals to the Air.

Using Chemical cleaners that "off gas" toxic chemicals into the air

Over watering indoor Plants can add excess moisture to the environment

Not using exhaust fans while showering.

Closing vents in rooms not being used. This can cause excess condensation on windows. Additionally it reduces the air movement in the room and can allow moisture issues to develove on surfaces.

Other things that can cause poor indoor air quality are: Paint, new furniture, new carpet, new cabinets, wood floors, and many other items that contain chemicals as preservatives. One of the most common preservative is Formaldehyde.

MCI™ Technology is one of your best defences for these issues.

I still have questions. Can I speak with someone?

Yes you can.
You can email support@SaberDistributors.com or call 1-855-660-4400 and ask for support.