Ceramic Air Purification Plate (HIGH frequency)

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This HIGH frequency ceramic air purification plate is compatible with a range of air purification equipment that uses corona discharge as its ozone producing mechanism. This includes the following units:

  • EcoQuest Fresh Air 1.0
  • EcoQuest Fresh Air 1.5
  • EcoQuest Fresh Air 2.0
  • EcoQuest Fresh Air 2.5
  • activTek AP3000
  • GreenTech GT3000
  • BLS MCI32K

Part #PLATE-HF-01

NOTE NO exchange or return on parts sold for used machines.  To facilitate a proper repair of your air purifier or insure that the proper part is being installed in your machine, please contact BLS Service Center at 855.855.6070 where you may evaluate the advantages of the BLS Enhanced Warranty and have your product properly serviced.

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