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  • MCI SynAIRgPure™ HVAC Probe (NO Ozone)

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    What is Corona Virus and How Ionclusters inactivate it ? 

    The corona virus belongs to RNA Virus. Its shape is spherical with a diameter of from 60 to 220 nm. It has an RNA nucleus enclosed within an envelope made of protein, along with spike-like proteins on its surface. Ionclusters wrap the corona virus and damage the spike protein to be inactivated. 

    H-ion cluster showed its efficiency of 95% removal of RNA virus (H1N1) within 2 hours through Kitasato Lab. 

    MCI SynAIRgPure™ HVAC Probe  (Stand-alone Version available - Just plug it in- CLICK HERE)

    NOTE:  This unit utilizes a NO OZONE producing UV lamp. A Standard Ozone Bulb is available as an option. Select Your Probe with or without Ozone below.

    How it works

    How MCI Technology Works

    ***Additional Configurations in the Drop down at the bottom of the page***

    The HVAC mounted MCI SynAIRgPure™ is designed as the first fully customizable probe to provide the power you need for the environment.  The MCI SynAIRgPure™ produces aggressive ionized oxidizers and multi-cluster ions that are then distributed throughout the living environment of the home or office while cleaning the internal HVAC equipment and ductwork.    

    This trademarked MCI™ Multi-cluster Ionization Technology, using an enhanced output, represents the newest generation of proactive air purification, is completely safe, unlike high levels of ozone, and effectively destroys mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, odors, volatile organic com pounds (VOCs and mVOCs) the odors associated with them.

    The basic unit, which covers approximately 1-3 tons or 16K ft³ of space, can be customized to the load level of the environment by adding the clip-on bracket and up to two additional DBI cells.  This unit can then be converted to a more powerful residential or commercial  unit that can clean the air/surfaces of contaminants in up to 10 tons or 40K ft³. 

    Spec Sheet


    • Trademarked MCI™ (Multi-cluster Ionization) Technology Customizable Probe from 16K ft³³ to 40K ft³³
    • Covers/Cleans Residential, Commercial and Industrial Environments with Proactive Technology
    • Helps Keep Duct Systems Free from Contaminants (increasing oxidizers may be needed for harsh environments)
    • Reduces VOCs, mVOCs, Odor, Bacteria, Viruses, Mold and Particulates
    • Completely Safe for Humans and Animals (see hospital testing data)
    • Reduces “A” Coil Cleaning and Maintenance (25,000 hr. Lamp and Dielectric Barrier Ionization Cells)
    • Reduces Bio-nesting, eliminates/reduces mold, bacteria and the odors associated with them
    • Provides a Cleaner “A” Coil and, therefore, Provides More Energy Efficiency (in return plenum)
    • Provides Less Frequent Filter Changes
    • Attacks Pollutants in the Air and on Surfaces (when installed in the return and supply plenum, see testing data)
    • Homes, Offices, Schools, Day-Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, RV’s, Large Commercial Environments


    • 12v Conversion for International Use using 13.3 Watts (ETF Approved w/UL approved power supply)
    • Recommendations based on average contamination levels.  Where highly contaminated, increase size of unit.

    NOTE: The Listed price is for MCI SynAIRgPure™ 16K.  The 24K and 40K units are upgrades and an additional cost. See the dropdown to select the unit you need.

    ***Although the installation of these units are not complicated, it is recommended that a licensed and trained contractor install them.

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