I'm A Believer

I recently met with someone in the medical field that was doing research on healthier working conditions.  I told her about our MCI Technology and how it improves indoor air quality and sanitizes surfaces without chemicals or filters.  To say she was a skeptic would be an understatement.  She had done a lot of investigative work on the topic and had not found anything that did what I claimed our equipment would do.

Knowing how well our equipment works, I asked her to take a small system home with her and try it for 2 weeks.  Skeptically she agreed. 

The next day she contacted me.  My initial thoughts were, “what is wrong”?  The only thing she said was “I’m A Believer”!

With you not knowing who she is, I can only tell you that this was high praise. I did make one error in our conversation.  I asked her when she would be returning the equipment.  I was told I could not have it back and she purchased it for her personal use.

I have seen this happen over and over.  Air purification systems are not on people’s radar these days and the people who are looking for them have not found anything that works as well as claimed.

Our IAQ Systems are for “People Who Like to Breathe”.  We are so confident in our Technology that we will give you a 30-day money back guarantee if you do not see an improvement within the 30-day period. (Most people see a change in the Indoor Environment in 24-48 hours).   On the very slim chance that you are not satisfied with the System, just return it in the original box for a full refund.  You would just pay the return shipping. 

Don’t worry, you won’t want to return it.

Be prepared to become a believer.  Oh, and I forgot to mention. A cleaner environment is a healthier Environment.

Please see recommended coverage areas for the units.


Air Quality Solutions LLC.

One of the Most Important Things In Your Home

What is one of the most important thing in your home that most people do not think about?

Is there food in the refrigerator?  No.

Are the lights and TV’s turned off when not needed? No.

Do you have the quickest Internet available? No.

Is your Home or Office making you sick? Maybe.

Here is a hint…May have to do with Health.

Are the doors and windows locked when you are not home? No.

Have the indoor plants been watered? No.

Let’s see.  Did you guess correctly?

It’s your Indoor Air Quality.  According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Most home Indoor Air Quality is 5-10 times more polluted than the outside air.  In some cases, up to 100 times more polluted.

Do you think that having polluted indoor breathable air is healthy?  Of course not. So why do most homes and offices have this problem?
Awareness is the biggest issue.  Followed by being aware and not knowing what to do.

There are many products on the market that promise to “fix”, Cover, Mask, Filter, and Absorb the issues creating the poor or polluted Indoor Air.  But do any of them really work, or work as well as they claim?

Consider this…

Filters are important for Indoor Air Quality, but they only filter what particles make it to the filter.  They do nothing for contaminated surfaces with (Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, Yeast, and Chemicals from cleaning products).
Products that only Cover, Mask, or Absorb pollution and odors only add to the problem. Chemicals being added to the air to try to improve its quality or hide odors makes the problem worse.

So now you are asking, Is there a solution?  Of Course there is.  But here is the hard part to understand.  Our technology uses no Filters or Chemicals to improve the indoor air quality.  Additionally, our products sanitize surfaces as well as the breathable air. (While being environmentally friendly)
Ok, I have kept you waiting long enough…  The process or Technology is called Multi Cluster Ionization or MCI™.  Our Purifiers and Systems use the MCI™ Technology to purifier or sanitize surfaces and the air.
Visit https://saberdistributors.com/xcart/mci.html to see how it works.

When we ask customers how well does the MCI™ Technology work.  They don’t say good or bad.  The answer we most often get is “I’m a believer”.

Look at the following product for more details. The BLS12k or MCI22K.

20,000 Breaths

Most people take more than 20,000 breaths a day. Sounds like a lot, but do the math. Here is another fact: Most people spend the majority of their time indoors breathing air that is up to 100 times more polluted than the outside air. Are you scratching your head in disbelief? Wondering, how can this be? Take a short journey with me, back in time to the 1970’s and I will explain.

For those of you that remember, there was an energy crisis. Gas and oil supplies were being rationed. There were long lines at gas stations and frayed nerves. To lessen our need for the use of energy (Gas and Oil), there was an aggressive move to create energy efficient buildings and homes. Apparently, we were very good at it. The practice of tightening up buildings (Better insulation, Caulking windows and doors, and stopping drafts) made new and older buildings energy efficient. What we also did was to stop the exchange of fresh air which helped to keep the indoor environments healthier.

Essentially, we were and still are living in plastic bags. We breathe the same air over and over with other occupants in our energy efficient indoor environments. Now, add the use of cleaning chemicals being released into the air, preservatives like Formaldehyde in our carpets, wood floors, paints, and furniture just to name a few, that we inhale in every breath. The term we use in the industry is “Toxic Soup”. Are you starting to get the picture? Considering holding your breath? Well, of course you can’t. What you can do is improve and create healthier indoor environments.

Here is the problem. Since the seventies, there have been a flood of products on the market claiming to “Purify” your air. Filters, Ionic devices, sprays, and Ultra Violet light bulbs all claimed to be air purifiers. Most of the claims were true. However, the products were ineffective in making any substantial difference in the air we breathe. Now, you’re really scratching your head.

Here is the short version.

Filters only filter what makes it to the filter, (Necessary but limited). UV lights bulbs need to be near microbes and long enough to make any difference. Sprays add chemicals to the breathable air, and Ionic Devices only work in a very small area. So again, most of the claims were true, but as products they were ineffective in making any real difference, until now.

Our products are Active Technology with MCI™. (Multi Cluster Ionization) Most other products are Passive. What does that mean? Here is an example. If you want to catch a mouse, you can set a trap. (Passive Technology) If you want to catch a mouse with Active technology, (Get a Cat).

Our products are Active. They sanitize microbes on surfaces and in the air through the environment. They make filters more efficient by clumping airborne contaminants making them easier to filter, and they destroy VOC’s, (airborne chemicals).

Our two most popular devices are the BLS12K and the MCI22k. Both are powerful enough to create a healthier environment in an apartment, average sized home or office. Our technology does not use chemicals or filters to make your indoor environment healthier. We use the power of MCI™.

Our Technology is currently being used in Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Medical offices, Bars, Restaurants, Ambulances, Offshore Oil Platforms, Cruise ships, Casinos, Schools and most places where “People Like To Breathe”.

In the time it took you to read this short message, the average person took over 50 breaths.