MCI22k Installment Payments

The MCI22K Surface and Air Purifier.  Installment Payment Option.

Installment Payments are for a Single MCI22K Plus USA Shipping.  Payments as listed below will be Invoiced from Air Quality Solutions LLC.  By Placing this order you agree to make all required payments as listed below.

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MCI22K Includes Shipping  - Installment Plan

Number of payments 4
1At checkout$299.00 USD
2after 1 month$75.00 USD
3after 2 months$75.00 USD
4after 3 months$75.00 USD
Total $524.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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When the surfaces and air in your home are being proactively sanitized, spreading colds, bacteria, and viruses can be greatly reduced. The MCI22K (The big brother of the BLS12K) is perfect for reducing the spread of organisms in your indoor environment. 

Perfect for Bedrooms, Apartments, Homes, Offices, Hotel Rooms, Travel, and any place you want a healthier indoor environment. These units are tiny but mighty. They measure less than 8"x8"x8".

The MCI™22K is designed to improve indoor air quality in your home or office by dealing with indoor air and surface pollutants in a proactive way. The MCI22K produces aggressive ionized hydroxyl oxidizers and the trademarked multi-cluster ionization, distributed throughout your indoor environment.   The MCI22K utilizes both the PCO and DBI technologies to provide enhanced production of multi-cluster ions.  See

This trademarked MCI (Multi-Cluster Ionization)™ Technology, using an enhanced ionization output, represents the newest generation of proactive air purification, is completely safe (unlike high levels of ozone) and effectively destroys mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the odors associated with them in the air and on surfaces.

When used as part of a wholistic solutions protocol, MCI™ provides a comfortable, healthier indoor air environment. This particular air purifier is designed to cover approximately 22,000 cubic feet of living environment. (2750ft2x8’ high)

This Unit can operate in a No-Ozone Mode or with Scalable Ozone as Desired.

For additional information, please visit our FAQ Page.


  • Ball bearing brushless ultra-quiet motor with three fan speeds
  • Exclusive MCI™(Multi-Cluster Ionization)™technology to attack mold, bacteria & viruses.
  • Needlepoint Ion generation to significantly reduce particles in the air
  • Adjustable fan control with fully functioning remote 
  • Universal/International AC/DC power supply and replaceable MCI™ plug ’n play cells design for better air flow and distribution



  • Homes, Offices, Schools, Day-Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, RVs, Ambulances, Cruise Ships


  • Electrical (UL, CE, PSE, TUV, EK and RoHS Compliant
  • Ozone Output: NONE
  • 100V-240V/50-60Hz       30W      Operational anywhere in the world
  • Pulsating Ion Generation: 1 million/cm3 at 1m
  • Technologies include:
    • Pulsating Needlepoint Ionization
    • MCI™(Multi-Cluster Ionization)™Technology utilizing DBI (dielectric barrier ionizer)
    • MCI Technology utilizing PCO (photo-catalytic oxidizer) cell w/quad-metallic coating, no ozone lamp
  • Fan Speed         fpm                 CFM               Km/h
    • Low      190       25.9      3.47
    • High      332       45.2      6.07

Where: fpm = linear feet per minute CFM = cubic feet per minute Km/h = kilometer per hour