ReadyWise Food

ReadyWise Food

Most people don't plan to fail. But, many people fail to plan.  Hurricanes, tornados, floods, snowstorms, fires, and other manmade events can impact and disrupt your everyday life.  Simple tasks like going to the grocery store can be a challenge when roads are flooded, blocked by downed trees, electrical wires, heavy snow, or long term power outages. Under these conditions, even accessible supplies become scarce. 

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the Red Cross recommend having a minimum of a 3 days supply of food and water per person if you need to shelter in place or evacuate. (Water = 1 gallon/day per person). See: 

Avoid the rush, panic, and shortages, stock up now.  We have small to large bundled food supplies, grab and go evacuation kits and much more depending on your specific needs. Many of the kits have a 15-25 year shelf life. 

Most people buy insurance hoping to never need it.  These supplies are just as important.

...and don't forget about your pets.

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Provided by NORMI. (National Organization of Remediators and Microbial Inspectors).