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  • MCI™ Transport (Mobile Mounted Purifier)
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    MCI™ Transport (Mobile Mounted Purifier)

    The surface mounted MCI™ Transport is designed to improve indoor air quality by dealing with pollutants in a proactive way. The MCI™ Transport sanitizer produces aggressive ionized oxidizers and trademarked multi-cluster ions that are then distributed throughout the mobile environment.

    This trademarked MCI™ Multi-cluster Ionization Technology, using an enhanced output, represents the newest generation of pro- active air purification, is completely safe, unlike high levels of ozone, and effectively destroys mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, odors, vola- tile organic compounds (VOCs) and the odors associated with them in the air and on surfaces.

    When used as part of a holistic solutions protocol, the MCI™ Transport sanitizer provides a comfortable and germ-free environment in buses, RVs, ambulances and other mobile environments.  This particular air purifier is designed to cover approximately 1,500 cubic feet depending on the level of contamination.



    • Ball bearing brushless quiet blower
    • Exclusive MCI™ (Multi-Cluster Ionization) technology to attack mold, bacteria, VOCs and
    • Power ON light indicator for easy maintenance of MCI+
    • MERV7 annual replacement filter to meet ASHRAE 2 Standard.
    • Universal AC/DC power supply plugs to either 110V or
    • Energy efficient low voltage
    • Unique design provides maximum coverage for conditioned
    • Stainless steel shell for durability (color selection available on quantity orders)



     RVs, Ambulances, Buses and other mobile units where durability and security are needed




    • Electrical (cUL, and FCC Compliant)
    • Ozone Output: none with MCI+ technology
    • 120V/60Hz converted to 12V low voltage, 14W power consumption
    • Trademarked MCI™ Multi-cluster Ionization Technology
    • MERV7 Filter
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  • pureWash


    pureWash Pro Cleans Clothes Cleaner by infusing the water with oxygen, pureWash Pro doesn’t just clean clothes, it purifies and sanitizes them, leaving them odor free, whiter, fluffier, and happier. It connects easily and safely to all models of both front load and top load washing machines and eliminates smelly washer syndrome. Feel confident the next time you wash your child’s favorite teddy, teen’s soccer shirt, or family towels because pureWash Pro Removes Bacteria & Mold from both your washing machine and laundry. Save Money with Every Wash thanks to the naturally purifying power of oxygen, we only need the cold water cycle & little to no detergent - saving money and energy on every wash.

    How It Works

    pureWash Pro transforms the water going into your washing machine by infusing 100% safe, natural oxidation which dissolves and removes residue and cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes your entire laundry.

    Does Detergent Free Laundry Sound too Good to be True?

    Hospitals and hotels have been using similar technology on everyday laundry for years, but the industrial systems were too bulky and expensive for consumer use. pureWash Pro is changing that by integrating the powerful technology of these industrial laundry systems into a compact, easy-to-install device for your home. For stains, use spot treatment and a small amount of detergent.

    Easy to Setup, Easy to Use.

    pureWash Pro is a passive laundry purification solution that requires only simple-installation setup and upkeep. Simply connect it to your washing machine once and pureWash Pro automatically reacts to your wash cycle’s operation. Other than rarely replacing an easily removed and inexpensive component, the desiccant dryer, pureWash Pro is maintenance free with no special settings.

    Is pureWash Environmentally Friendly?

    In addition to saving yourself energy and money, pureWash actually helps preserve the environment. Normal use of detergents can pollute any wastewater that leaves your home. With pureWash Pro’s use of enhanced oxygen and ionization, your wastewater actually helps the environment by adding oxygen, so you can be glad knowing you are decreasing environmental pollution.

    • Electrical INPUT: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
    • Electrical OUTPUT: DC 12V, 3A
    • Water Pressure Required: 40-75 psi
    • Water Operating Temperature: Use Cold Water Only
    • Dimensions: 12.19” H x 16.50” W x 3.75” D
    • Weight: 5.5 lbs
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